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Laura May-Roelse


Jennifer is very passionate about working with her clients to have a better relationship with food and their bodies. She has extensive experience in a variety of settings lending her to be an excellent clinician in private practice.

Dr. Maria Dowding, Owner of Dowding Leadership Institute

I have worked with many professionals over the years and can easily say Jennifer Pereira is the best I have ever dealt with. She is has an incredible grasp of the details and resolutions of dietary and nutritional studies, knowledge of success factors and the skills necessary to handle extreme cases of eating disorders. Her insights can analyze a situation accurately in minimal time and initiate the course of action with the greatest chance of success. She passionately keeps up with and incorporates new research and processes to ensure the highest level and quality of care for her patients. I would recommend her as a consultant, subject expert and collaborator. Her work is world class

Jeanne H, RD

Jennifer is very intelligent and creative. She is a great motivator and continues to inspire others with her knowledge and passion

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