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Therapy for LGBTQIA+ Folx


At Austin Counseling and Nutrition, we provide therapy for individuals, relationships, and families of all gender and sexual orientations. We strive to create an inclusive environment, to provide care and support around issues of identity, and we are strongly anti-hate and against discrimination.

According to a 2022 report on LGBTQ+ mental health, 45% of LGBTQ youth considered suicide in the past year, and nearly 1 in 5 trans teens attempted suicide. The majority of LGBTQ teens experience anxiety and depression, and about 54% of LGBTQ adolescents are diagnosed with an eating disorder at some point in their lifetime.



Rainbow flag
Gay Pride

Research indicates that when provided mental health support and when in accepting environments, LGBTQ individuals have improved mental health. That is why we strive to provide inclusive therapy and nutrition support for LGBTQ teens and adults.

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