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How can I stop dieting and eat normally?

People come to us after many years of being on a diet rollercoaster. They seem to be "chasing the dragon" of their early weight loss "success", but find no matter what they do, they cannot maintain a particular body size. If you tried any other solution to a problem that ultimately always failed you, you would hopefully stop trying that trap.

  • Are you hiding what you eat from your partner or family?

  • Are you avoiding intimacy because you are uncomfortable with your body?

  • Do you find your mood to be largely based on how you feel you've eaten or how you feel you look?

You may be feeling shame around food and body to the point it is affecting your quality of life. You may be surrounded by friends and family who are always on diets and encourage you to diet, too. Maybe your mother is always trying to be helpful by suggesting the next new thing. It can be hard to find peace with food, and we understand that struggle.

We can help you find peace with food and your body

  1. Learn how to listen to your body and work with it, instead of against it.

  2. Examine your body story (the history of your relationship with your body) to understand where the ruptures occurred andthen heal these wounds.

  3. Reconnect with your body and treat it with the gentle care it deserves.


Freedom from food and body obsession

At Austin Counseling and Nutrition we provide a warm, safe environment to recover from years of diet culture and the Eurocentric thin ideal. What you are looking for will never be found in the next new diet. We have seen the profound shift in our clients who have been liberated from the cycle of dieting. Let us guide you on your journey to stop dieting and start living.

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