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Body Image therapy in Austin, Texas

Do you feel like you've been at war with your body for as long as you can remember?

body image counseling austin tx

From your earliest memories there are commercials, ads, shows, and even medical professionals telling you what you should look like. Maybe even family members or peers thought it would be helpful to comment on your physical appearance.

At Austin Counseling and Nutrition we can help you sort through the noise to find peace with your body. Our clinicians can help you understand the history of the dreadful BMI. We can explore the racist roots of fatphobia.

A deep dive into your body story can reveal beliefs given to you by others, so that you can decide your own truth.

You can move away from seeing your body as an object to be viewed by others. Embodiment is returning to being a subject in your own body--living from inside out rather than the other way around.

To truly be at home in your body is one of the greatest experiences of life. Almost all of us are on some sort of quest to be okay with the body we are in. You come to realize changing your body to feel better about it is a trap.

Let us help you out of this trap. Call or text (512) 655-3878 to find out more about body image counseling.

Body image treatment in Austin, TX

Have you ever changed your body and still felt bad about it?

Do you find it impossible to manipulate your body into your ideal in a way that is sustainable (if achievable at all)?

Does your body or appearance hold you back from doing things you want to do (dating, travel, job change, etc.)?

What in the world would you do with all of that time, energy, and brain space if you weren't bothered by your body so often?


body image counseling austin tx
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