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Eating disorder nutrition counseling in Austin, TX

eating disorder nutrition counseling austin tx

Do you ever feel like your whole life revolves around what, when, and how much you are eating?

Fact: It doesn't have to be that way. We can help.

Eating disorder nutrition counseling

It can be really hard to know how to eat. Whether or not you're trying to recover from an eating disorder, nutrition information has been hijacked by self-deputized "experts" online and in the media.


*Only Registered Dietitians are recognized as nutrition experts, having completed rigorous science-based programs, 1000-hour internships, and board exams. (Sadly, even some dietitians are stuck in diet culture and anti-fat mentalities.)


Eating seems like it should be easy, but there is so much misinformation out there, it's truly confusing. 

Our Austin nutritionists can help you sort through the noise and make peace with food. We will guide you to ensure you are getting adequate nutrition. This is an important early goal in your work with your nutrition counselor. 

As you move through eating disorder nutrition counseling, eating becomes easier, and eventually, more enjoyable. 

When appropriate, our eating disorder dietitians will help you attune to your body in order to do intuitive eating. This process of relearning to trust your body can provide a level of freedom you never knew possible.

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Binge eating disorder nutrition counseling

You will find working with an eating disorder dietitian goes beyond the days of the meal plan. 

Our dietitians provide nutrition counseling, which will explore your history with food and body. We help examine internalized messages from society that are shaping your current behavior. 

We work from a Health at Every Size lens, and we will never recommend intentional weight loss. Since there is no evidence-based method for long term weight loss, it is unethical to pursue this with clients. 

Instead of chasing weight loss, we help you liberate yourself from the anti-fat messages of society. We help you reclaim and embody the amazing, miraculous body you currently occupy. 

Intuitive eating will help break the bonds that food may have over you. Without anything resembling willpower, you will find food no longer calls to you or has power over you.


You will find the freedom to eat whatever you want, be attuned to cues, and be more aware of emotions and needs.

Eating Disorder Dietitians in Austin, TX

eating disorder nutrition counselors austin tx

Call or Text (512) 655 - 3878

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