Binge eating disorder treatment in Austin, TX

binge eating disorder treatment austin tx
binge eating disorder treatment austin tx
binge eating disorder counseling austin tx

When you struggle with binge eating, there are a number of complicated factors involved. It is not a simple lack of willpower or a personal character default, as advertisers would have you believe. There is an interplay of nutritional needs (may be very misunderstood) with emotions (may be completely ignored) that needs to be appreciated.

Do you ever feel...?

  • You've tried everything and nothing works

  • If you could just change your body, your life would be awesome

  • You have to hide what you eat from friends or family

  • You avoid seeing people because you don't want them to notice your body

Nutrition for binge eating disorder

At Austin Counseling and Nutrition, we use an Anti-diet, Intuitive Eating approach to normalizing eating. It is hard to make such profound changes in beliefs and attitudes about food. Many people have explored these methods on their own and found they need the guidance of a dietitian to help them permanently change their relationship with food.

Our dietitians provide a safe, gentle support for our clients. We are size-inclusive and work from a Health at Every Size lens, meaning all people should have access to health, but there is no moral imperative to pursue behaviors in the name of health.

Group Bonding
Father and Daughter

Therapy for Binge Eating Disorder

Counseling for binge eating disorder recovery involves really helping you understand what is going on internally. Many people are completely tuned out regarding emotions, and don't know what they are feeling or needing at any given moment. 

If you don't know what is driving you to eat, you certainly won't know what to do about it. Further, if negative feelings about your body are contributing to binging, it is important to get help with those body image issues.