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Single Session Appointments

What is a single session appointment?

Single session appointments are for individuals, parents, families, couples or other people in relationships needing to address a single topic and wishing to get some support and guidance on that, without committing to weekly or otherwise frequent appointments. Single session appointments allow the therapist to focus specifically on the client's needs, working with the client towards identifying solutions or ideas for next steps.

Who is a single session appointment good for?

Single sessions are good for individuals or people in relationships that are looking for help around a specific topic. Maybe you are wanting help processing a life change, getting support around a new parenting issue, having a mediator in a family conversation, or having a hard conversation with your partner(s). Maybe you are looking to speak with a dietitian to ask them a few specific nutrition-related questions. Or, perhaps you are struggling with identifying exactly what is going on in your life or your relationship with food that you need help with, and you feel a therapist and/or dietitian could help you figure out why you're feeling "stuck."

How is a single session appointment structured?

Single sessions are more specifically focused on what you are wanting to accomplish, so there is not as much background information gathered, or history explored. You, as the client, bring in the issue you want to address in the session, and the therapist or dietitian help you work through that issue with the 50 minutes allotted to do so. If, at the end, you feel you need more time to address that issue, you and your clinician can discuss setting up future appointments, but if you feel you have good ideas to take forward to try, there is no pressure to set up follow-up appointments.

What are the fees for a single session? How long is it?

The fees for a single session appointment are the same as the therapist's or dietitian's standard rate. Therefore, the cost would be $130-205 depending on the therapist/dietitian. The session is 50 minutes long and held in-person or virtually, depending on your preference.

Interested in a single session? Reach out to a therapist or dietitian today!

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