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Orthorexia treatment in Austin, TX

orthorexia treatment austin tx
eating disorder treatment austin tx


Your food journey may have begun as a way to kick-start your health. Now you find yourself unable to go to restaurants that don’t have their nutrition information available. You to see what the "healthiest" option is in advance.


It’s exhausting to be so vigilant about your food, and your grocery bill has gotten really expensive. You’d like to be able to enjoy going out with friends or enjoying foods at parties and events. You don’t know how to stop thinking about food so much. 

You may even have people praising you for how "healthy" you are, but it could actually be an obsession that is unhealthy and destructive.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you get anxious when “healthy” foods aren’t easily available to you?


Have you cut out major food groups in the name of “health” such as sugar, gluten, carbs, dairy, red meat, or animal products? 


Are you constantly checking nutrition information and ingredients lists on packages and at restaurants?


Are you concerned with the purity or quality of the foods you eat?


Do you feel anxiety, shame, or fear if you break one of your food rules? 

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, contact us online or call/text (512) 655-3878.


orthorexia treatment austin tx

We can help you regain flexibility around food and recover from orthorexia: 

  1.     Challenging your food rules

  2.     Practice exposures to fear foods 

  3.     Learn the benefits of all foods 

Before you know it, you’ll find flexibility and freedom in your relationship to food. 

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