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Child Therapy

Child Therapy

Life sometimes throws curveballs and as a parent you may notice mild or drastic changes in your child that are causing concerns. Child counseling provides your child with a non-judgemental environment where they can voice or express  their emotions and work with a trained mental health professional to break down problems and equip your child to cope with their obstacles and achieve their best self. 


Our child therapists use various evidenced-based practices such as play therapy, expressive arts, and different models of talk therapy to help address and treat a wide range of mental health conditions with children ages 8 and up.

What is the parent/caregiver’s role in child therapy?

Through working with parents, we recognize that there can be a mix of emotions in seeking help for your child. We work collaboratively with parents throughout your child's therapeutic journey and strive to create a strong therapeutic alliance with parents, welcoming your insight, questions, and feedback.

During the work with your child, we may also have the goal of strengthening the parent-child relationship by helping parents develop ways to communicate with their child more effectively outside of sessions. We offer parental guidance sessions as a way to inform, educate, and support parents throughout their child’s therapeutic journey.


If you are interested in seeking services for your child,
you can call or text (512) 655-3878 or submit a request using the button below

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