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Grief and Loss

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Grief and loss are natural parts of the human life cycle that can elicit difficult and confusing emotions. Folks may experience emotional pain, physical reactions, and changes in thoughts and behaviors. Grief can also be an incredibly isolating experience. In addition, it looks different for every single person. Seeking support throughout the grief process can help in managing any difficulties that may come up. 

Grief therapy is a type of psychological therapy used to help people cope with their feelings of grief after the loss of a loved one. It is based on several theories, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which helps people identify and change negative patterns of thinking that may be contributing to their grief. Other therapeutic approaches used in grief therapy include supportive counseling, expressive therapy, and relaxation techniques. The goal of grief therapy is to identify and process the complex emotions associated with loss and help the individual move through the stages of grief in a healthy and productive manner.

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