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Eating disorder jobs in Austin, Texas

Are you a therapist, dietitian, or student interested in working with people with eating disorders? Please contact us as we are regularly bringing on new team members as we continue to grow.

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If you are a counselor, marriage and family therapist or social worker and you are interested in working with people with eating disorders, welcome to Austin Counseling and Nutrition. We are frequently adding new clinicians to the team as we continue to grow. We are interested in both provisionally licensed and fully licensed therapists. Please use the contact form to send an email to start the conversation.

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Our dietitians adhere to Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating philosophies. We are fat-positive and anti-diet. We know that dietitians who come on board may have to do some work to break down their own biases, and we are looking for clinicians who are willing to do this work. If you are interested in being a part of our team, please contact us with some information about you to get the conversation started.

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Master's Level Students

If you are a Master's level student in any counseling-oriented field or in dietetics, and are interested in working with people with eating disorders, please contact us. Depending on the needs for your 

practicum or internship, we may be able to help with a required rotation. We are frequently hiring new clinicians and this opportunity may turn into a job offer.

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