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Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate

Supervised by Jennifer Buffalo, LMFT, LPC-S

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Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate

Supervised by Ashton Fisher Jimenez, M.S., LPC-S

Heather Bassett-Jackson


Najeeha Khan, LPC-Associate

Najeeha is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate in the state of Texas. She graduated with her Masters in Counseling Psychology in 2020. Najeeha has been working with survivors of trauma since 2016 and has had training in providing services for diverse and minority populations. She has experience with eating concerns, body image, self-esteem, identity development, spirituality, depression, anxiety, and more. Her orientation to counseling is relational, dynamic, and client-centered.


Najeeha is passionate about the intersection of cultural identity with one's relationship with food and body. She believes that healing is a multidimensional process that involves a holistic approach to the mind, the body, and the soul. Her aim is to cultivate a safe space where these processes can be explored, with a focus on how societal messages, oppression, and privilege impact these components. Najeeha aspires to be a guide in the journey of self-discovery and to provide the tools that will help folks recharge the unique superpowers they possess.


Najeeha currently provides counseling/therapy services through video and phone sessions. 




  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2017, Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Global Health

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2020, Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology

  • Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate 84670, Supervised by Jennifer Buffalo, LMFT, LPC-S

Fees:  $130 per session  -  Sliding scale slots may be available, based on need.

To schedule an appointment,  call (512) 877-7797, use the contact form or 

Jennifer Merrill, LPC-Associate

Have you been feeling overwhelmed by life and maybe that your emotions are in control of you? Maybe you’ve felt disconnected or even in conflict with friends, family, children, or your significant other. Feeling these things can make life really hard as so often relationships are the source of some of life's greatest joys but also greatest heartaches. Becoming more aware of your emotions and how they interact with your thoughts and behaviors can help you gain more peace and reduce conflict in your life. We can work together to find skills giving you the ability to manage your emotions rather than letting them manage you.

We can collaborate to shed light on patterns and beliefs you have that may no longer serve you well. We'll learn skills to manage conflict, enabling you to develop deeper connection and more fulfilling relationships. We'll also develop skills to manage feelings of stress, sadness, loneliness, or whatever you feel is difficult in your life right now.

I truly value being inclusive and creating a warm accepting environment for clients from all walks of life. If you feel like we might be a good fit in working together, I would love to meet with you. 

  • Gottman Level 1 trained in couple's counseling

  • Trained in Play Therapy

  • Completed training for trauma certification

Fees:  $130 per session  -  Sliding scale slots may be available, based on need.

To schedule an appointment,  call (737) 232-6126, use the contact form or 

Heather Bassett-Jackson, MS, CRC


Have you realized the loudest voice speaking to you is your own? Now this does not mean that the things your voice is telling you has not been influenced by your family, culture, or even societal norms. Learning how to love and accept ourselves is vital in establishing a healthy sense of “You”. I like to think that only “You” ultimately live with “You”, and everyone else simply visits you. In other words, your inner self is the driving force that moves you to become the person you desire to be, so establishing a healthy “You” starts from within. Learning to accept all of your imperfections, even when outside voices may say otherwise is a process. This is a process that I would like to assist you through.

I have experience in working with diverse and under served populations. I can empathize in that I too have struggled with self worth and body size issues in my life. I became blind a number of years ago, which caused me to experience  grief. Subsequently, I learned how to adapt and accept my new circumstance. I have realized that body image is not a one size fit all, and that life altering events do not have to break you. I am eager to meet and help you improve your inner self. Let’s start by getting “Re-Acquainted within!” I offer a supportive, caring and non-judgmental approach via video and phone sessions. 



Offers video and phone sessions



Self Awareness



Adjustment to Disability


Career Counseling & Guidance





Adjustment to Disability

Life Transitions


Body Image Issues

Relationship Issues


Type of Therapy:

Eclectic Approach

Motivational Interviewing

Person Centered

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy










Adults (19-years+)



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