I truly believe every person could benefit from counseling. It seems almost impossible to grow up and move through life without acquiring some negative core beliefs, unresolved emotional baggage, and a few irrational thought patterns. Some people experience more difficulties and tragedies in their lives, and they may know they need therapy. However many people have found their lives to be relatively good, and don't understand why they can't seem to feel happy and fulfilled. Mental health counseling can help with so many different areas of a person's life.

EMDR is a type of therapy that involves working on deeper parts of the brain, where trauma and other significant experiences are stored. This method is supported by extensive research done over the past 20 years. This technique can be more effective than traditional talk therapy for certain issues.


I enjoy helping my clients understand how food works in the body. This typically involves plenty of myth busting due to the vast amount of misleading information people are bombarded with constantly.

I will help you navigate through your relationship with food and allow you to be at peace with food. I utilize intuitive eating, the way your body was born to eat. This is an instinctive ability, but it is usually thwarted by our cultural messages about eating and food. 

So many "diets" out there simply list what to eat, while the real issue is much deeper than a meal plan can address. Those types of programs may have short term "success", but the majority of the time the long term "results" are more confusion and frustration with food and body

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