Kristen Whittington, MS, RD, LD 

Registered Dietitian, specializing in:

  • Intuitive Eating, Non-diet

  • Health at Every Size

  • Weight Inclusive

  • Disordered Eating

  • Eating Disorders

  • Chronic Dieters

  • Adolescents, Teens, Adults

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Are you a foodie who feels guilty about how much you enjoy food and eating?


Do you feel like you have a good idea about nutrition basics but for some reason you never feel like you can "get it right"?


Have you heard about intuitive eating but are scared about what food freedom might look for you?


I’ve been there. I was once both scared by my eating behavior and terrified to stop. I had friends and family reassure me my eating behavior was normal when it was anything but. I got my Masters in Nutrition from San Diego State University and completed my dietetic internship through Utah State University all so I could provide the same support and guidance the dietitian I saw gave me. I work from a non-diet, weight neutral approach which helps tune in to your own body's internal cues for hunger and fullness, restores body trust, and allows you to enjoy food without shame or guilt. I like to think of this approach as a daily practice of eating intuitively and practicing attuned self-care. My approach shifts the perspective from fighting your body to nourishing it with a knowledge that all foods can provide both pleasure and nutrition. I hope I can create a space where we can work together to help you find pleasure and peace around food again. 

Austin Counseling and Nutrition provides inclusive eating disorder therapy and nutrition counseling to the Austin, Texas community. Together we provide specialized eating disorder treatment so people can overcome disordered eating and body image issues to experience the full lives they deserve.

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